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Tonight’s NHL Betting Tips

Welcome to our Tonight’s NHL Betting Tips page. Here you will find our NHL predictions for today, including our last 20 picks, and an archive of all previous NHL tips.

A quick note about variance and bankroll management when you bet NHL hockey.  There’s a lot of variance in hockey betting due to the money line (which means you just need to pick the winner) and the fact that so many games end up being decided by one goal. So be prepared for wilder swings than other sports like football, especially over short periods of time.

When you bet NHL hockey, proper bankroll management is critical – make sure you’re not betting more than 2% of your entire bankroll on any one pick.  Generally we recommend 1% for most picks.

One final note – we suggest you don’t bet every lean we post, just because of the volatility of sports betting in general. If you’re betting 12 games on a Saturday night, there’s always the potential for a 3-9 night, and if you don’t manage your bankroll properly, that can spell disaster. We don’t personally bet every lean we post (though we do bet quite a few of them).

Just find a few leans you agree with and go from there. Or, better yet, use the stats and trends we provide in the breakdowns to make up your own mind.

Good luck!