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We get a lot of great questions about hockey betting in Canada and our NHL betting tips!

Here’s a few of them, in case you were wondering about anything on this list.

Got a question that we didn’t address on here? Contact us and we’ll try to help you out. Or read a bit more about us and our reasons for doing what we do here.

1. Why do you give free NHL betting tips?

That’s a good question, and one we get a lot. We have a few reasons:

  • We’re making NHL betting picks anyway, so it’s not that much effort to share them after we bet them.
  • We’re always looking to learn and make our picks better, so it helps putting our NHL betting tips out there and getting feedback in our comments section.
  • We used to lose money playing Proline, so we want to help everyone realize that there’s a much better way to do your hockey betting.
  • We’ve been successful for a long time at betting on hockey, so we have to admit it’s a nice ego boost to have people coming to us for advice.
  • The high volume of traffic our site generates enables us to make a bit of money through advertising and sportsbook referrals, allowing us to provide our picks for free. By joining a sportsbook that we recommend (and we only recommend the books that we personally use), you’re supporting the site and keeping us around.

2. Why are you so negative about Proline?

We used to lose money betting on Proline. It’s not that we were bad at picking winners, it’s that Proline odds are horrible and you have to combine 3 picks onto every ticket. Online hockey betting odds are so much better than Proline odds.

3. What are the best NHL sportsbooks?

That depends. We bet to make money, so we love Pinnacle Sports because they have the best NHL odds. But other sportsbooks offer great bonuses, so that might be important to you. When it comes to having fun doing NHL betting, Bodog and Sports Interaction are great because of all their NHL props. We wrote an article that goes into this question a bit more.

4. Could you please list Proline hockey odds on your online NHL betting odds page?

We’ve thought about doing that, but it’s honestly a pain in the ass from a coding standpoint. You don’t just have Proline in Canada, you’ve got Sports Action in BC, Sport Select in the western provinces, Mise-O-Jeu in Quebec… it’s a lot of different odds to have to worry about. For now, we suggest you go to the website for the sports lottery in your province if you’re wondering about the Proline odds that day. But if you do that, make sure to visit one of the best Canadian NHL sportsbooks and compare their odds to the Proline odds. You probably won’t worry about Proline odds again.

5. Do you have a favourite NHL betting angle?

One that we really love is betting on the Avalanche when they’re playing a team that played the previous night or is playing for the 3rd time in 4 nights. Colorado is at high altitude which makes it hard to catch your breath. If you’re already tired to begin with, it’s really hard. We’ve cashed a lot of bets in this situation over the years, even when the Avalanche started to stink a few years ago.

6. What do you look for when making your NHL picks?

That’s like asking Colonel Sanders about his secret blend of herbs and spices, isn’t it? Just kidding… we look at recent performance of both teams, their home/away splits, fatigue ratings, revenge and other motivational angles, injuries, matchups, all that stuff. Public perception is also important, as we find it’s hard to get good betting value on popular teams like the Blackhawks. Often, the value lies with the teams nobody wants to bet on, so if we can find a good reason to bet on them, we’ll try to do that.

7. Who’s odds are better, Bodog or Proline?

Oh, there’s no comparison, Bodog’s are way better. To see for yourself, go to Bodog, convert the odds to decimal format and then compare them to Proline or whatever sports lottery is in your province. Remember that as you multiply the odds together for a parlay, which Proline makes you do, the difference is even bigger. And also remember that sportsbooks like Pinnacle Sports offers even better odds than Bodog, so the difference is EVEN bigger.

8. Do you bet a lot of NHL props?

Not really. You can sometimes get good value on the Stanley Cup betting odds, but there’s a lot of variance (randomness) in NHL prop betting, and the odds aren’t usually that great either. NHL props are fun, don’t get us wrong, but it’s hard to consistently make money betting them. We’ll bet the occasional NHL props to make the games more interesting, but we won’t bet nearly as much on them as on our regular bets. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out our article about the different NHL prop bets.

9. Is it legal to do online hockey betting in Canada?

It’s definitely not illegal. The Criminal Code only prohibits you from accepting bets from other people (being a bookie) or from being in an illegal gaming house.

We’ve been doing this for years without fears of prosecution, and we’ve never heard of anyone in Canada who’s been arrested for doing online hockey betting.