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First, let us introduce ourselves, the guys behind the NHL tips. Our names are Jon & Derek, we are big hockey fans, and we are even bigger fans of making money by betting the NHL.

Whether you like to bet NHL hockey for fun or profit, we can help you out.

We offer our NHL betting tips on a daily basis, including analysis, as well as articles designed to help you improve your own hockey picks.

We’ll also show you the top NHL sportsbooks where you can place your bets and the betting odds they are currently offering on today’s games.

Latest NHL Tips…

We do our best to email the tips each day by mid-afternoon eastern time. We post breakdowns and leans (opinions) for every game of the day (except for Sundays) and often highlight one of our picks as our Best Bet, which is the bet we believe has the greatest chance of winning.

Check out our NHL Picks for Tonight page for more tips, including a recap of our last 20 selections. We recommend playing 1% of your betting bankroll (an amount of money you have set aside for NHL betting) on each bet. We know that sounds pretty conservative but it’s critical to manage your bankroll and not bet too much on any one game.

We started this site because we had so many buddies asking us about betting hockey online, most of them being burned over and over by Proline.  We kept finding ourselves educating them on how to bet online, where to bet, odds, variance, bankroll management, unit size, and so on.  So in addition to posting our tips, we also wrote a hockey betting guide to help educate our friends and new players that find our site.

One last thing we need to mention is that it’s really important to have an account at more than one sportsbook – we typically recommend 2-4 for most people. You always want to make sure you have access to the best odds on the game you want to bet. If you play at only 1 sportsbook you have to bet the odds they give you and it will end up costing you a lot of money over the long run.

Having multiple sportsbook accounts also allows you to take advantage of bonuses and other promos they provide which can really help to build up your bankroll quickly!

Anyway, that’s enough about us for now. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to ask. We’d love to help you stop donating your money to the provincial lotteries and start making some money and having more fun betting on the best sport in the world!

Good Luck!

Jon & Derek