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NHL Sportsbook Reviews

jon_derek (1)Welcome to our NHL Sportsbook Reviews page for players NOT located in Canada or the United States (sportsbook reviews for Canada are here and US are here).

Below you can read more about each sportsbook we recommend and click for a full review of each if you want more info.

There are literally thousands of online sportsbooks right now and we’re only comfortable highly recommending the following options.

Which NHL sportsbook is right for you? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for.

We recommend you have accounts with a minimum of two sportsbooks in order to have access to the best odds on the game you like.

We’ve ranked the online sportsbooks in order of our preference but honestly they are all good options. If you wanted a good signup bonus we wouldn’t recommend Pinnacle Sports to you even though we rank them #1 since they don’t offer bonuses.

Best of luck!