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Stanley Cup Betting Tips For Wednesday, May 11

Jon and DerekWe won last night’s Capitals/Penguins Over 5 bet as Pittsburgh defeated Washington 4-3 in OT to advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

Jon’s second-favourite team is the Penguins, but we both feel bad for the Capitals. They had an incredible start to the season, then appeared to put things in cruise control after they clinched first place in the league so quickly and just couldn’t seem to hit their stride again.

Washington showed a ton of poise to come back from a 3-0 deficit last night (even if they were gifted power play after power play in the third period) and two of their four losses in the Penguins series came in overtime. To us, this wasn’t the typical Washington choke job, even though that’s the easy narrative.

Murray finished that series allowing 3 goals in back-to-back games. Might the bloom be off the Penguins goalie’s rose? Maybe… though Pittsburgh is already a 2:1 favourite to beat the Lightning in Round 3 and advance to the Cup finals.

Tonight, the scene shifts to the West where Dallas and St. Louis will face off to determine who will play San Jose or Nashville in the conference final. Nothing beats Game 7 in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and this should be an awesome game.

Odds below are at the time we made the pick. Be sure to check out our live odds page for updated odds on today’s games.


Good luck!

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