NHL Betting Tips For Sunday, February 7

jon_derek (1)Wow, that was a rough night last night. We went 0-3 on our tips and the games weren’t even close.

Unfortunately, these things happen. Over the course of the season, there will be winning streaks and losing streaks. Just look at the Dallas Stars’ season, or the way the Leafs went on a hot run around Christmas.

It’s why bankroll management is really important. By betting 1% of our bankroll on every bet, we survive the cold streaks so that we’re still around for the hot streaks.

Our last 0-3 night was a couple of weeks ago, and we went 11-3 on our next 14 picks. We’re also still up 10 units on the season.

Just 3 early games today and we don’t have a lot of time to break them down, so we’re going to sit today out. That’s better to us than forcing things and trying to make back the money we lost last night. We’ll be back Monday, when there are 4 night games on the betting board.

Good luck if you bet any of the NHL games today, and enjoy the Super Bowl!


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