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NHL Betting Tips For Friday, February 5

jon_derek (1)It was a great night for us last night as we had 2 wins and 1 push on our 3 NHL tips.

What was really nice about it was that the 2 wins were no doubters. The Oilers and Panthers both jumped out to 3-0 first-period leads and though their opponents both rallied to make the scores 3-2 in the second period, the Oilers and Panthers each pulled away again to win comfortably.

The Edmonton winner made it 8 straight Best Bet winners for us, with 3 pushes mixed in. We’ve said that if you’re going to pick just 1 tip to follow on a given day, you should pick the Best Bet. That seems to be good advice. They won’t go undefeated forever, obviously, but we’re happy to see that our strongest plays are being just that.

To be honest, it’s a crappy betting board tonight with just 4 games. We really want to keep riding the Anaheim train but they’re huge favourites against Arizona, so we’ll pass on that and limit the tips to just 1 for today. Fortunately, we feel it’s a really strong one.

Odds below are at the time we made the pick. Be sure to check out our live odds page for updated odds on today’s games.


Good luck!

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