Bet365 Sportsbook Review

Quick Bet365 Sportsbook Review: Bet365 is one of the top NHL sportsbooks because of its great bonuses, wide variety of NHL betting options and its awesome NHL live betting.

When you’re shopping, you can either go to a bunch of different specialty stores that have the absolute best products but with limited selection, or you can go to Wal-Mart to find everything under one roof at competitive prices.

Bet365 is like Wal-Mart. Their odds are pretty good — though you can find better NHL betting odds at sportsbooks like Pinnacle Sports or BetOnline — but what sets them apart is that they have everything that you’re looking for.

Bonuses? Check. Great live betting? Check. Tons of different NHL betting options? Check. Mobile betting? Check.

Go visit right now. We bet you can easily find any NHL bet you want to make on tonight’s games.

Did you know? Bet365 offers a parlay bonus! If you win your NHL parlay (when you combine bets on two or more games), Bet365 will add a bonus of up to 50% on your winnings.

We really, really like Bet365. Here’s why:

Bet365 Bonus

The Bet365 signup bonus is about as good as it gets for NHL sportsbooks. Your 100% bonus is maxed at $200, but you only need to deposit $200 to get it.

Plus, it’s cash so your deposit is instantly doubled (unlike a free play bonus).  Just don’t lose it before you fulfill the rollover requirement (three times the value of your deposit and bonus combined), and you’re free to pull it out whenever you want.

Bet365 rewards some players for continuing to bet at the sportsbook. Every so often you may get an email from Bet365 letting you know that they’re offering you a reward bonus. The amount of your reward is based on how much your average bet is. If you usually bet $20 a game, you’ll probably get a $20 bonus. The Bet365 reward bonuses generally come out right before a big game that you’ll probably want some extra money to bet on, anyway, like the Winter Classic or the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Customer Service

The Bet365 customer service is really good, something you’d expect from the largest sportsbook in the world. You can reach them by live chat, telephone, email, web message… heck, you can even mail them a letter.

It’s also probably likely that their help section will answer whatever question you might have — whether you’re wondering about banking information, technical support, NHL betting rules or other FAQs.

Bet365 has a lot of other great information on its site as well. You can catch up on recent NHL betting news, or even get some help with your hockey handicapping. They provide details on matchups, offensive and defensive grids, injuries, trends, previews and predictions. Their systems database, which allows you to break down situations (like how a team does when playing its 3rd game in 4 nights), is a big help as well.

Mobile Betting

The Bet365 mobile betting site has always been one of our favourites because it allows you to place your bet very quickly. This makes their awesome NHL live betting even better — you can be out at the bar or at a buddy’s place and still easily make a live bet on your mobile device before the odds change.

Bet365 puts a lot of emphasis on mobile betting. They’ll even give you a bonus the first time you use the Bet365 mobile app.

Top Reasons To Bet At Bet365

There are a slew of reasons to do your NHL betting at Bet365. Here are just a few:

  • Tons of NHL betting options
  • High Limits
  • Great signup and reward bonuses
  • Regulated by the United Kingdom government
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Great mobile betting app
  • Best NHL live betting during periods

Reasons to Play Elsewhere

In our opinion, Bet365 is essential NHL sportsbook to use. You’ll probably find better betting odds for hockey at other sportsbooks like Pinnacle Sports or Bet Online, so it’s good to have accounts there too. But you should make sure to have money at Bet365 to take advantage of the crazy amount of NHL betting options they have, or to use their NHL live betting.

Bet365 doesn’t accept US Players. Americans should check out BetOnline instead.

The Bottom Line

With big cash bonuses and lots of NHL betting options, Bet365 sportsbook is a great place to do your hockey betting. Their odds aren’t always the best, but they’re competitive with almost all other sportsbooks and their live betting sets them apart.